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Research Discussion Papers

Changing priorities, transformed opportunities?: Why people work after state pension age

Charging for domestic waste: Combining environmental and equity considerations

Climate change and fuel poverty

Defence and Arms Control in a Changing Era

Distributional Impacts of Economic Instruments to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport

Early Identification of the Long-Term Unemployed

Economic Instruments for a Socially Neutral National Home Energy Efficiency Programme

Employee Desire for Unionisation in Britain and its Implications for Union Organising

Employee Voice, Workplace Closure and Employment Growth A Panel Analysis

Evaluating Training Programmes for the Long-Term Unemployed: An illustration of the matched comparison group methodology

Gender Discrimination in the Labour Market: Evidence from the BHPS and EiB Surveys

Have British Workers Lost Their Voice or Have They Gained a New One?

Job Satisfaction and Employer Behaviour

New Deal for Young People: Relative effectiveness of the options in reducing male unemployment

Renegotiating Identity and Relationships: Men and women's adjustments to retirement

The Impact of Careers Guidance for Employed Adults in Continuing Education: The Impact of Careers Guidance for Employed Adults in Continuing Education

The Size of the Union Membership Wage Premium in Britain's Private Sector

Towards the design of an Environmentally and Socially Conscious Water Metering Tariff

Unemployed couples: the labour market effects of making both partners search for work

Union Effects on Workplace Governance 1983-1998

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