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Environment & Transport

A comparison study of children's independent mobility in England and Australia

A Green Living Initiative: Engaging Households to Achieve Environmental Goals

A History of and Social Responses to Environmental Tax Reform in the United Kingdom

A New Agenda for Sustainable Development

A New Basis for Aviation Taxation: A briefing on the introduction of an aviation tax based on a per-plane duty

A Review of the Key Environmental and Quality of Life Issues facing Marginalised Communities in the UK

A Tale of Two Ministers

Assessing the impact of research on policy: A review of the literature for a project on bridging research and policy through outcome evaluation

Baker Street Wonderpass: evaluation of improvement works

Charging for domestic waste: Combining environmental and equity considerations

Children's independent mobility: a comparative study in England and Germany (1971-2010)

Children’s Independent Mobility: An International Comparison and Recommendations for Action

Cleaner Production in Industry: Integrating Business Goals and Environmental Management

Climate change and fuel poverty

Community, the very idea!: perspectives of participants in a demand-side community energy project

Designing Carbon Taxation to Protect Low-Income Households

Distributional Impacts of Economic Instruments to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport

Economic Instruments for a Socially Neutral National Home Energy Efficiency Programme

Economic instruments to improve UK home energy efficiency without negative social impacts

Economics and Market Prospects of Portable Fuel Cells

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