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Environment & Transport

Identification of most synergistic sets of integrated policy instruments

Innovation in Development for Environmental Action

Integrating Pollution Control: European Directives, British Practice

Investment for Innovation: a Briefing Document for Policymakers

Isomorphism and Interdependence: Structural Changes in European R&D Policy

Mass Balance UK: Mapping UK Resource and Material Flows

One False Move: A Study of Children's Independent Mobility

Personal Mobility and Transport Policy

Policy Conclusions and Implications for the EU Sustainable Development Strategy

Pollution for Sale: Emissions Trading and Joint Implementation

Prospects of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units in the Civil Markets

Public Understanding Synthesis Report: A report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Recommendations for implementation of the EU SDS

Research insights into sustainable development

Research into Policy: Current Issues and Challenges for Sustainable Development

Review of evidence on the use of reward and recognition schemes in enhancing recycling and waste prevention behaviours

Road transport fuel prices, demand and tax revenues: impact of fuel duty escalator and price stabiliser

Scoping study to identify potential circular economy actions, priority sectors, material flows & value chains (report and annexes)

Social and Political Responses to Ecological Tax Reform in Europe: An Introduction to the Special Issue

Soft-linking energy systems and GIS models to investigate spatial hydrogen infrastructure development in a low carbon UK energy system

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