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Welfare & Benefits

Joint Claims age range extension

Joint Claims for Jobseekers Allowance, stage 2 quantitative evaluation of labour market effects

Joint Claims for JSA - synthesis of findings

Lone Parents Work Focused Interviews/New Deal for Lone Parents: combined evaluation and further net impacts

Lone parents: In Work Benefit Calculations - work and benefit outcomes

Making Random Assignment Happen: Evidence from the UK Employment Advancement and Retention (ERA) Demonstration

Maternity and Paternity Rights and Benefits: Survey of Employees 2005

Migrant Workers' Interactions with Welfare Benefits: A Review of Recent Evidence and its Relevance for the Tax Credits System

New Deal for Lone Parents: A Qualitative Evaluation of the In-Work Training Grant Pilot

New Deal For Young People: Evaluation Of Unemployment Flows

New Deal for Young People: Relative effectiveness of the options in reducing male unemployment

New Zealand Working For Families programme: Literature review of evaluation evidence

New Zealand Working For Families programme: Methodological considerations for evaluating MSD programmes

Non-participation in the Employment Retention and Advancement Study: Implications for the experimental fourth-year impact estimates

Pathways to Work - extension to some existing customers. Early findings from qualitative research

Pathways to Work - Qualitative Research on the Condition Management Programme

Pathways to Work from incapacity benefits: A review of research findings on referral practices and liaison with service providers

Pathways to Work from Incapacity Benefits: A study of experience and use of Return to Work Credit

Pathways to Work: Findings from the final cohort in a qualitative longitudinal panel of incapacity benefit recipients

People with mental health conditions and Pathways to Work

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