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Against Unemployment

Early Identification of the Long-Term Unemployed

Earnings Top-up evaluation: effects on unemployed people

Effective Job Search Practice in the UK's Mandatory Welfare-to-Work Programme for Youth

Employment Effects of New Technologies in Manufacturing

Employment Retention and Advancement demonstration project and Pathways to Work for Incapacity Benefit Customers: Costing for staff time - ERA and IB cost studies

Evaluating Training Programmes for the Long-Term Unemployed: An illustration of the matched comparison group methodology

Evaluation of Adult Basic Skills Pathfinder Activities: Stage 1 Surveys of Learners and Teachers

Evaluation of Adult Basic Skills Pathfinder Activities: An Overview

Findings from the Macro Evaluation of the New Deal for Young People

From Unemployment to Self-employment

Getting a Chance: Employment Service Support for Young People with Multiple Disadvantages

Job Search Effort and Motivation in Unemployment

Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal, the Six Month Offer and Support for the Newly Unemployed evaluations: An early process study

Joint Claims for Jobseekers Allowance, stage 2 quantitative evaluation of labour market effects

New Deal for the Long Term Unemployed pilots: quantitative evaluation using stage 2 survey

New Deal for the Long Term Unemployed: A comparison of Provision in Pilot and National areas

New Deal for the Long-term Unemployed pilots: baseline report

New Deal For Young People: Evaluation Of Unemployment Flows

New Deal for Young People: Relative effectiveness of the options in reducing male unemployment

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