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New Deal for Young People: national survey of participants stage 1

Office of Hope: A History of the Employment Service

Pathways through Unemployment

Pathways to Work - extension to some existing customers. Early findings from qualitative research

Pathways to Work - Qualitative Research on the Condition Management Programme

Progress2work and Progress2work-LinkUP: an exploratory study to assess evaluation possibilities

PSI archive of labour market evaluations

Rewarding responsibility? Long-term unemployed men and the welfare-to-work agenda

Support for Newly Unemployed and Six Month Offer evaluations: A report on qualitative research findings

The causes of persistently high unemployment

The Employment Retention Advancement Scheme: Summary Report on the Implementation of ERA

The Impact of Careers Guidance for Employed Adults in Continuing Education: The Impact of Careers Guidance for Employed Adults in Continuing Education

The impact of Pathways on benefit receipt in the expansion areas

The impact of Pathways to Work on work, earnings and self-reported health in the April 2006 expansion areas

The Impact of Public Job Placing Programmes

The Restart Effect: Evaluation of a labour market programme for unemployed people

The Unemployed Flow

Unemployed couples: the labour market effects of making both partners search for work

Unemployment and Public Policy in a Changing Labour Market

Unemployment and racial minorities

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