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Analysis of UKSHEC Hydrogen Visions in the UK Markal Energy Sytem Model

Clean and Competitive? : Motivating Environmental Performance in Industry

Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas facilities: Decommissioning scenarios - a comparative assessment using flow analysis

Economic instruments to improve UK home energy efficiency without negative social impacts

Eight Integrated Tyndall Scenarios

Energy Efficiency: The Policy Agenda for the 1990s

Energy Options for Transport

Energy Use in Offshore Oil and Gas Production: Trends and Drivers for Efficiency from 1975 to 2025

Gas Debt and Disconnection

Management of produced water on offshore oil and gas production facilities: A comparative assessment using flow analysis

Managing Heat System Decarbonisation: Comparing the impacts and costs of transitions in heat infrastructure

Opportunism and competition in the non-fossil fuel obligation

Renewable Electricity Policies in the Netherlands

Representation of Hydrogen in the UK, US and Netherlands Markal Energy Sytem Model

Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature Review

Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Synthesis Report

Sectoral Sustainability and Sustainability Assessment Methodologies: A review of methodology in light of collaboration with the UK oil and gas sector

Soft-linking energy systems and GIS models to investigate spatial hydrogen infrastructure development in a low carbon UK energy system

Spatial development of hydrogen economy in a low-carbon UK energy system

The Importance and the Policy Impacts of Post-Contractual Opportunism and Competition in the English and Welsh Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation

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