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Trade unions and industrial relations

A Tale of Two Countries

Are unions good for industrial relations?

Buying Into Union Membership

Catching A Wave

Changes over time in union relative wage effects in the UK and the US Revisited

Collective Bargaining and Workplace Performance: An Investigation using the Workplace Employee Relations Survey 1998

Competition and the Retreat from Collective Bargaining

Cooperative unionism and employee welfare

Does Union Membership Really Reduce Job Satisfaction?

Doing the Right Thing? Does Fair Share Capitalism Improve Workplace Performance?

Employee Desire for Unionisation in Britain and its Implications for Union Organising

Employee Involvement in Small Firms

Employee Voice and Human Resource Management: An Empirical Analysis using British Data

Employee Voice, Workplace Closure and Employment Growth A Panel Analysis

From Industrial Relations to Human Resource Management: The Changing Role of the Personnel Function

From the Two Faces of Unionism to the Facebook Society

Have British Workers Lost Their Voice or Have They Gained a New One?

High-performance practices, trade union representation and workplace performance in Britain

How Does Shared Capitalism Affect Economic Performance in the UK?

Inside the Workplace: First Findings from the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS 2004)

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