Publications by date

HEFCE strategic review of sustainable development in higher education in England

Public officials and community involvement in local services

Belonging and entitlement: Shifting discourses of difference in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods in the UK

Forestry and Climate Change: Global Understandings and Possible Responses

The take-up rate of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance: Feasibility study

Progress2work and Progress2work-LinkUP: an exploratory study to assess evaluation possibilities

Implementation and first-year impacts of the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

Wind electricity in Denmark: A survey of policies, their effectiveness and factors motivating their introduction, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

The Importance and the Policy Impacts of Post-Contractual Opportunism and Competition in the English and Welsh Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation

Renewable Electricity Policies in the Netherlands

Evaluation of the childcare taster pilot and extended schools childcare pilot programmes

Union Organization in Great Britain

New Labour, new unions?

Sectoral Sustainability and Sustainability Assessment Methodologies: A review of methodology in light of collaboration with the UK oil and gas sector

Technological Transitions and Strategic Niche Management: The Case of the Hydrogen Economy

Living and working in urban working class communities

The effect of financial constraints, technological progress and long-term contracts on tradable green certificates

Hydrogen Infrastructure for the Transport Sector

Orientation, Opportunity and Autonomy: Why People Work after State Pension

Prospects of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units in the Civil Markets

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