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Doing the Right Thing? Does Fair Share Capitalism Improve Workplace Performance?

Temporary Agency Workers and Workplace Performance in the Private Sector

The lone parent pilots after 12 to 24 months: an impact assessment of In-Work Credit, Work Search Premium, Extended Schools Childcare, Quarterly Work Focused Interviews and New Deal Plus for Lone Pare

What Effect Do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would "What Do Unions Do?" Be Surprised?

Economics and Market Prospects of Portable Fuel Cells

Uncertainty and the Tyndall Decarbonisation Scenarios

The Diffusion of Workplace Voice and High-Commitment Human Resource Management Practices in Britain, 1984-1998

Workplace Industrial Relations In Britain, 1980-2004

Are There Day of the Week Productivity Effects?

Productivity and Days of the Week

Employee Voice and Human Resource Management: An Empirical Analysis using British Data

Research into Policy: Current Issues and Challenges for Sustainable Development

Market, Class, and Employment

The sexual health needs of unaccompanied minors in Enfield and Haringey

What Voice Do British Workers Want?

The impact of Pathways to Work

Representation of Hydrogen in the UK, US and Netherlands Markal Energy Sytem Model

The Wage Impact of Trade Unions in the UK Public and Private Sectors

New Zealand Working For Families programme: Literature review of evaluation evidence

Camden Childcare Needs Assessment

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