Publications by date

The Effect of Trade Unions on Wages

Review of the DWP Cost Benefit Framework and how it has been applied

The long goodbye: new establishments and the fall of union voice in Britain

Race Discrimination Claims: unrepresented claimants' and employers' views on the Acas Individual Conciliation service

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare Pilot programmes: final report on qualitative research into implementation

The future of work: employers and workplace transformation

Engaging older citizens, a study of London boroughs

New Zealand Working For Families programme: Methodological considerations for evaluating MSD programmes

Public Understanding Synthesis Report: A report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Beyond the Tick Box - Older citizen engagement in UK local government

Effects of Trade on Emissions in an Enlarged European Union: Some Comparative Dynamics Analyses with an Empirically Based Endogenous Growth Model

Supporting an intergenerational centre in London: Scoping the evidence

The lone parents pilots: A qualitative evaluation of Quarterly Work Focused Interviews

Social Cohesion in Diverse Communities

Analysis of UKSHEC Hydrogen Visions in the UK Markal Energy Sytem Model

Modeling Unexpected Events in Temporally Disaggregated Econometric-Input-Output Models of Regional Economies

Living and working in urban working class communities

Economic instruments to improve UK home energy efficiency without negative social impacts

Towards the design of an Environmentally and Socially Conscious Water Metering Tariff

Maternity and Paternity Rights and Benefits: Survey of Employees 2005

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