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Scenarios for the Development of Smart Grids in the UK: Literature Review

PSI archive of labour market evaluations

The development of smart homes market in the UK

Social barriers to the adoption of smart homes

A comparison study of children's independent mobility in England and Australia

Review of evidence on the use of reward and recognition schemes in enhancing recycling and waste prevention behaviours

Food Loop – A technical research report for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Designing Carbon Taxation to Protect Low-Income Households

Provider-led Pathways to Work: Net impacts on Employment and Benefits

Community co-design: A guide to working collaboratively through design

Children's independent mobility: a comparative study in England and Germany (1971-2010)

Spatial development of hydrogen economy in a low-carbon UK energy system

Perceptions of the policing and crime mapping 'Trailblazers'

Breaking the low-pay, no-pay cycle: Final evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

Recession and Cohesion in Bradford

Non-participation in the Employment Retention and Advancement Study: Implications for the experimental fourth-year impact estimates

Flexible New Deal evaluation: Customer survey and qualitative research findings

Family Futures: Childhood and poverty in urban neighbourhoods

Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration: The impact on workers outcomes

Improving DWP assessment of the relative costs and benefits of employment programmes

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