Publications by date

Worker Voice, Managerial Response and Labour Productivity: An Empirical Investigation

The Hidden One-in-Five: Winning a Fair Deal for Britain's Vulnerable Workers

Clusters of couples with children: an exploration of their profile and transitions into work

Raising the standard? The regulation of employment, and public sector employment policy

Voice Recognition

Rent-sharing and Profitability

Workplace Industrial Relations In Britain, 1980-2004

Accounting for Collective Action: Resource Acquisition and Mobilisation in British Unions

Mandating IAP for older New Dealers: an interim report of the quantitative evaluation

The longer term outcomes of Work-Based Learning for Adults: evidence from administrative data

The Theory and Practice of Pay Setting

Making Linked Employer-Employee Data Relevant to Policy

Evaluation of Basic Skills Mandatory Training Pilot: Synthesis Report

Routes on to Incapacity Benefits: Findings from Qualitative Research

Worker Needs and Voice in the US and the UK

Final Report: LPWFI and Review Meetings administrative data analyses and qualitative evidence

Technological Change in Niches: Auxiliary Power Units and the Hydrogen Economy

Connecting Time and Space: The Significance of Transformations in Women's Work in the City

Incapacity Benefit Reforms Pilot: Findings from the second cohort in a longitudinal panel of clients

Work, Saving and Retirement among ethnic minorities: A qualitative study

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