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Lone parents: In Work Benefit Calculations - work and benefit outcomes

The new deal for young people: effect on the labour market status of young men

Unions, Job Reductions and Job Security Guarantees: The Experience of British Employees

Social and Political Responses to Ecological Tax Reform in Europe: An Introduction to the Special Issue

Special issue: Social and political responses to ecological tax reform in Europe

Young Women and Sexual Decision-Making

Young People, Sex and Choices: Haringey Case Study

A Green Living Initiative: Engaging Households to Achieve Environmental Goals

A History of and Social Responses to Environmental Tax Reform in the United Kingdom

Environmental and Wider Implications of Political Impediments to Environmental Tax Reform

Sexual Health

Qualitative Evaluation of Quarterly Work Focused Interviews (QWFI) and In Work Credit (IWC)

WIRS through the ages

Making Random Assignment Happen: Evidence from the UK Employment Advancement and Retention (ERA) Demonstration

A Review of the Key Environmental and Quality of Life Issues facing Marginalised Communities in the UK

Place, class and local circuits of reproduction: exploring the social geography of middle-class childcare in London

Gender divisions and working time in the new economy

Staying in work and moving up: evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) Demonstration

Ethnic Minority Perceptions and Experiences of Jobcentre Plus

The Employment Retention Advancement Scheme: Summary Report on the Implementation of ERA

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