Publications by date

Expanding the evidence base for the design of policy influencing consumer choice for products and services with environmental impacts: final report

Ethnicity and Poverty Programme Paper: The Role of Employer Attitudes and Behaviour

Cohesion in Bradford: Disadvantage, Solidarity and Recession Draft

Development Work for Wave 2 of the Food Issues Survey - Summary

Social Research Evidence Review to Inform Natural Environment Policy: Reports and Annex

Exploring food attitudes and behaviours in the UK: Findings from the Food and You Survey 2010

Assessing the impact of receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA): Secondary analysis of existing data

The Big Society Concept in a Natural Environment Setting

Road transport fuel prices, demand and tax revenues: impact of fuel duty escalator and price stabiliser

A review of the effective approaches to environmental labelling of food products

The Relation between Child Labour and Mothers' Work. The Case of India

The Determinants of Retail Productivity: A Critical Review of the Evidence

Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal evaluation: A report on qualitative research findings

Can altering the structure of financial support payments aid work retention amongst lone parents? Qualitative evaluation of the In Work Retention Pilot

The EHRC Triennial Review: Developing the Employment Evidence Base

Evaluation of the Six Month Offer: A report on quantitative research findings

Support for Newly Unemployed and Six Month Offer evaluations: A report on qualitative research findings

Migrant Workers' Interactions with Welfare Benefits: A Review of Recent Evidence and its Relevance for the Tax Credits System

European Migrant Workers' Understanding and Experiences of Tax Credits

A New Basis for Aviation Taxation: A briefing on the introduction of an aviation tax based on a per-plane duty

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