Race and Higher Education


Recent research suggests that there has been considerable change in the achievements of ethnic minorities in higher education during the last 20 years.

The drive towards educational attainment, as manifested in staying-on rates and applications to higher education, is very high in all minority groups. However, experience in schools and higher education is diverse. Minority ethnic groups include the highest achievers as well as the most disadvantaged. It also seems that class and gender continue to be important factors which interact with ethnicity in shaping educational opportunities and outcomes.

The contributors to this volume first identify and explain recent trends in patterns of achievement and disadvantage amongst ethnic minorities in the British education system. They then analyse the perceptions of ethnic minorities about higher education, and their experience within higher education institutions. Findings from new surveys of students and staff are presented, and for the first time examination performance and exam marking are analysed by ethnicity. The book draws upon various research findings in order to idenitfy effective educational policies to create more open, plural and inclusive higher educational institutions.

This is essential reading for all those concerned with widening access to higher education.

The Contributors:

Tariq Modood, Policy Studies Institute
David Gillborn, Institute of Education, University of London
Alison Allen, HEIST
Heidi Safia Mirza, South Bank University
Tony Acland and Waqar Azmi, Southampton Institute
Paul Allen, Wolverhampton University
Alicear Jiwani and Terry Regan, University of East London
Ruth Van Dyke, South Bank University
Aneiz Ismail, University of Manchester

ISBN: 0 85374 717 2