Teenage Mothers: Decisions and Outcomes


This study provides a unique understanding of how teenage mothers reach the decision to continue with their pregnancy, and how they then make decisions about their housing and household changes, both during their pregnancies and after the birth of their babies. The research, commissioned by the ESRC, is based on in-depth interviews with 84 women who had their first babies when aged 16 to 19. Twenty-four of the fathers and 41 of the grandparents of the babies were interviewed separately.

Teenage Mothers examines: the factors surrounding the decision to continue with the pregnancy; the extent to which housing and support played an important part in this decision; the young person’s awareness and use of benefits; the housing and household changes made or considered throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby; the young person’s perception of their housing options at different times; and the sources and relative importance of support in these decisions.

This book will inform policy makers and academics involved in the issues, and is key reading for health and social service practitioners.

ISBN: 0 85374 751 2