Dangerous Care: Assessing the Risks to Children from their Carers


Despite media panics about attacks by strangers, it remains the case that the greatest risk to children comes from their parents and other carers. Extremely few children are killed, seriously hurt or neglected, and consequently current sources are inaccurate about predicting which ones these will be. However, these children in particularly risky circumstances pose enormous problems for multidisciplinary child protection teams, and it is critical that we make as much use as possible of the existing research literature in order to improve circumstances for these children. The book provides a comprehensive review of the literature (European and North American) on predicting danger to children, and assesses the extent of the problem and exiting measures for helping to make judgements about the risk management. It is of interest particularly to practitioners in child protection, but also to those engaged in a broader way in criminology, social policy and social work.


  • Background
  • Methodological Considerations
  • Ethical Issues
  • Information about Perpetrators
  • Victimisation Studies, Relations with the Perpetrator and Stimulational Factors
  • Existing Instruments and Schemes for Assessment and Prediction
  • Reducing Risk through Remedial/Treatment Programmes
  • Key Factors in Training Programmes for Professionals Assessing Dangerousness
  • Conclusion
ISBN: 0 85374 745 8