Starting a Home Care Service: Considering Costs


Setting up a home care service is more difficult than it sounds. This manual outlines the key factors to be taken into account in getting started and in developing a service to care for people who live at home - in particular, the costs involved. It begins with a description of the characteristics of home care, and with some general hints, tips and advice on the pitfalls to watch out for. It then looks at the overall market for homecare in Britain; suggests ways to gauge the local market; and describes how to develop marketing and business plans. The author then explains the various local authority accreditation requirements and the importance of meeting them; and the final section of the manual outlines all the various costs involved in getting started, especially staff and employment costs.

This manual is written for all those who are thinking about starting up a home care service. It is ideal for individuals and groups starting from scratch, as well as those thinking of diversifying into home care, and will also be of interest to purchasers of home care, to give them more insight into the real costs of care provision.

PSI research paper

ISBN: 0853747318