Themes in Contemporary Policing


Recent years have seen a significant level of concern and confusion about the role of the police, in public opinion as well as in official documents; and our current policing system faces great and increasing pressure for change. It was in this context that an Independent Committee of Inquiry into the Role and Responsibilities of the Police was established by the Police Foundation and PSI in 1993: its purpose: to examine the pressures on the police and make recommendations for change. Themes in Contemporary Policing, which was originally commissioned for consideration by the Committee, pulls together key contributions to the debate written by the leading academics in the field. Covering such diverse aspects as crime trends, the changing social context of crime and policing, public opinion and the police, public and private policing, this book will be of major interest to all those concerned about the future of policing.


  • Explaining Crime Trends - David J Smith
  • Crime and Policing in a Changing Social Context - Anthony Bottoms and Paul Wiles
  • What do the Police do? - David H Bayley
  • Enforcement, Service and Community Models of Policing - Nigel Fielding
  • The Police Patrol Function - Michael Hough
  • Public Opinion and the Police - Wesley H Skogan
  • Public and Private Policing - Clifford Shearing
  • Opportunities for Crime Prevention - Ken Pease
  • The Regulation and Control of the Private Security Industry - Trevor Jones and Tim Newburn
  • Police Accountability - Tim Newburn and Trevor Jones

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