Student Finances: The real costs of being a student: where the money comes from and where it goes.


Financial support for students in higher education has changed markedly over the past five years, with the introduction of student loans and a freezing of student grants.

Based on interviews with almost 2,000 students at over 70 higher education institutions, this book explores in detail how much money different groups of students have at their disposal; the sources from which they get that income; and how this has changed since the 1980s. It also provides details of how students spend their money, comparing them with other young householders living on low incomes and with their student counterparts in 1988/89 and 1992/93. A separate chapter focuses on student loans - knowledge, attitudes and take-up - and the book concludes with an analysis of the extent to which students in different circumstances borrow or draw on savings to finance themselves through their course, and the scale of their debt and financial hardship.

This report will be invaluable to policy-makers in higher education, student unions and advisors, youth workers and policy-makers in the education sector, as well as to those working in financial institutions, financial advice centres and employers of graduates.

ISBN: 0853746990