Racial Justice at Work: Enforcement of the Race Relations Act 1976 in Employment


Twenty years after it was first made unlawful, racial discrimination in employment continues at a substantial level. The Race Relations Act 1976 extended the scope of earlier legislation and attempted to strengthen the mechanisms of enforcement. Yet many problems and difficulties have arisen in practice. It is time to review the successes and failures of the use of law in this field, and to point the way to more effective policy.

This book sets out the results of a detailed and wide-ranging review of the enforcement of the 1976 Act - and shows that none of its main elements has worked as intended. In particular, methods of encouraging employers to adopt positive action policies have been inadequate, and individual complainants have remained heavily reliant on expert advice and assistance which is not always available.

Racial Justice at Work will inform not only policymakers, academics and those campaigning for ethnic equality in the UK or working in the field of employment law; but individual employers seeking to eradicate racial discrimination, and employees looking to know more about their rights, and the problems them may encounter in the workplace.

ISBN: 085374470X