Policing and Democracy in The Netherlands


The unprecedented level of interest in the issues surrounding policing policy in recent years has focused not only on our own policing system, but on the international context of policing and police organisations and practices outside the UK. This book, a sister publication to Democracy and Policing and Policing Policy in France, provides a detailed examination of policing in The Netherlands. It describes the evolution of the current organisation of the Dutch police, and how this fits into the broader framework of democratic institutions. Particular attention is played to four key issues in Dutch policing: the major restructuring of the Dutch police system which began in the early 1990s; police accountability; the growth in attention paid to crime prevention in The Netherlands; and new policing responses to crimes against women and children. By drawing comparisons between the situation in The Netherlands and that in the UK and elsewhere, this study provides the basis for a clearer understanding of the complex relationship between policing and democracy in different national contexts.

ISBN: 0853745811