Future Skill Demand and Supply : Trends, Shortages and Gluts


Messages about our future skill needs - and our ability to produce those skills - often conflict. It is not always clear what skills are needed, nor whether our education and training system will deliver them. By juxtaposing business, economic and managerial developments underlying the changes in skill needs and information on the UK's education and training performance, this book will help policy-makers, academics and practitioners better understand the UK's future skill needs.

As well as containing a wealth of data on future skill demand, the book describes the UK's comparative international performance in the supply of skills. The evidence leads many of the contributors to suggest that employers' lack of demand for skills is a major factor in the UK's skill problem.

The contributors to this invaluable analysis include senior researchers at the Policy Studies Institute, the Institute for Employment Research and the Institute for Employment Studies, as well as academics from the University of Manchester, London School of Economics, Warwick University and Oxford University.