The Future of Britain and Europe


Much of the current debate on this important issue is short-term and ephemeral. This book takes a fresh approach, examining instead the underlying longer-term developments which will influence the future shape of Europe and Britain's place in it.

PSI's widely acclaimed Britain in 2010 report provided an authoritative and independent study of likely longer-term developments in Britain. This book goes on to examine how far the developments expected in Britain are parallelled in other European countries; and the impact they are likely to have on the future shape of Europe - in particular, whether they will tend to pull the countries of Europe closer together, or to push them further apart. It assesses the likelihood of developments such as full monetary union and enlargement and considers their possible implications for the future of Europe.

The book approaches the European debate from a new perspective and brings out a number of important issues which have not yet received much attention. It draws on a mass of factual material but sets out complex arguments in a way which is clear, accessible and very readable.