From Unemployment to Self-employment


Very little is known about the causes of the increased rate of self-employment among the unemployed in the UK in recent years, or how the nature of self-employment has changed as a result. This study is the first to compare the experiences of both employment and self-employment among people who were previously long-term unemployed. It asks:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment for people leaving long-term unemployment?
  • How well do people in self-employment fare compared to those employed, form the point of view of job stability and earnings?
  • How valuable are efforts to help the unemployed enter self-employment?

PSI research paper

Bryson, A., & White, M. (1996). From unemployment to self-employment: the consequences of self-employment for the long-term unemployed. (PSI report; 820). London: Policy Studies Institute.