Creating Partnerships in Social Care: An Evaluation of the Caring for People who Live at Home Initiative


The main aim of the Caring for People who Live at Home Initiative was to encourage innovative services so that greater choice and availability of services could be offered to users and carers. Services developed under the Initiative were expected to be sustainable in the long term.

This is a comprehensive evaluation of the work of the 15 local authorities funded under the Initiative, which stimulated a wide range of services and provided business planning support and advice to new and existing independent sector providers.

The Initiative promoted the development of many schemes, mostly from existing providers in the voluntary sector. Many services ceased to function during the Initiative or within the following year. There was no single indicator of success and similar services failed in some areas but not in others. The report examines the reasons for the success or failure of services.

The Initiative demonstrated the vital importance of nurturing new or diversifying independent sector providers to ensure their longer term viability. This is essential for those providing innovative services and those with little or no experience of the social care market.