Cleaner Production in Industry: Integrating Business Goals and Environmental Management


Governments and business leaders alike now recognise that industrial development needs to become environmentally sustainable, and the pressures on business to reduce environmental pollution and waste are mounting. As awareness of environmental threats has grown, and new regulations to protect the environment have been developed, new challenges and opportunities have arisen for industry.

The way ahead for industry must involve the use of cleaner technologies and environmental management systems. These production systems focus on the minimisation of waste, reuse and recycling of materials, environmental friendly design and reductions in energy consumption. Cleaner production is about a new way of thinking within industry, and it involves innovation in management as much as in technology.

This report explores this exciting and important area of innovation. It focuses on the experience of leading manufacturing companies in the UK, and reports views from suppliers of cleaner technologies and experts in research and consultancy. The report covers the extent to which firms have moved away from cleaning up pollution towards preventative production strategies, the benefits and problems experienced, and the implications so far for jobs and skills.