Choosing Tomorrow's Doctors


Unique insight into what we might expect from the doctors of tomorrow - and what doctors will expect from their careers - co-published with St George's Hospital Medical School, as part of the Edward Jenner bicentenary celebrations

In a fast-changing society, we must confront the fact that the future role of doctors is no longer entirely predictable. This book aims to stimulate doctors and others to reflect both on their own experience of medicine today, and on the issues to be considered in the selection of the doctors of tomorrow.

The book brings together contributions from some of the most distinguished practitioners, policy-makers and academics in the field. They look at the question of what we might expect from tomorrow's doctors - and what they expect from their careers; the selection of medical students; and other related ethical issues.


  • Welcoming Address - Andrew Rutherford
  • Introduction - William Asscher
  • The Future of Medical Practice - Kenneth Calman
  • What Patients want from their Doctors - Sally Greengross
  • What Doctors want from their Careers - Isobel Allen
  • How Patients make their Doctors Ill - Robert Hale
  • Does Maturity make a Difference ? - Tessa Blackstone
  • Ethical Issues in the Selection of Medical Students - Joe Collier
  • Introducing Change in the Process of Selection - John Collins
  • From Selection to Qualification: How and Why Medical Students Change - Chris McManus