Britain's Ethnic Minorities


Research in the 1960s and 1980s showed that Britain's ethnic minority population had substantially lower living standards than white people. Since then, of course, Britain has experienced major social and economic restructuring. Britain's Ethnic Minorities is an examination of how such changes have been reflected in the social and economic circumstances of ethnic minority groups.

Drawing on the Labour Force Survey and other comparative data, the book includes an extensive analysis of the labour market position of the main ethnic minority groups. It covers population size and geographical location; age and family structure; labour force participation; industrial distribution; job levels; trade union membership; unemployment; job search; and patterns of tenure. A key theme is the growing diversity within and between different ethnic minority groups, as some make greater progress than others into education and the labour market.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the socio-economic position of Britain's ethnic minorities. It will be of considerable interest to teachers and students of sociology, social policy and politics.