The Benefits of Public Art


Contemporary public art is assuming a more visible presence in Britain. Opportunities for its promotion have been provided both by visual arts organisations and by central and local governments' desire to support and stimulate environmental renewal, give people a better quality of life, and generate public discussion - and new hope. But very little is known about the impact of public art and whether it is meeting with success.

This report looks at a broad range of public works of art which have been in place for at least 18 months. Focusing on five detailed case studies it considers why each of these works has come into being, what kind of impact it was hoped they would have; and how they have benefitted the environment, the public, the artistic community and whoever invested in them.

This is the only comprehensive assessment of the subject available, and is required reading for all those involved in the promotion and production of public art, for environmental planners, for students of the sociology of art and community studies and many more.