Social Research Evidence Review to Inform Natural Environment Policy: Reports and Annex


There is increasing recognition within both policy and academic communities that many natural environment-related policy issues cannot be framed, explored and addressed through evidence from any single perspective, but require more interdisciplinary research that embraces both social and natural science (amongst other disciplines). Social science has a key role to play, not only in finding appropriate solutions to existing policy challenges (to which it is already contributing), but also in helping to frame policy challenges in alternative ways that may enable the implementation of different and potentially more effective policy responses to these challenges.

The project sought to draw together relevant social research findings from a broad and diverse evidence base and to present them in a way that is informative, relevant and accessible to Defra’s Environment and Rural Group (ERG) policy-makers. This has required project staff liaising closely with many of those within Defra’s delivery landscape. Stage 1 of the project provided an overview of the evidence across eight of Defra’s Environment and Rural Group (ERG) policy areas, Stage 2 involved three evidence reviews focusing on themes which cut cross ERG policy areas, and Stage 3 focused on the presentation and dissemination of the review findings into policy relevant formats.

Bell, S., Vanner, R., Oughton, E.A., Emery, S.B., Lock, K. and Cole, L. (2011) Social Research Evidence Review to Inform Natural Environment Policy. Final Project Report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Policy Studies Institute. Defra, London.

Associated reports

Annexes to the Final Report

Bell, S. and Vanner, R. (2011) The Big Society Concept in a Natural Environment Setting

Lock, K. and Cole, L. (2011) Public Perceptions of Landscapes and Ecosystems in the UK

Emery, S.B. and Oughton, E.A. (2011) Interventions in managing environment conflicts: what works, in what contexts and why?