Ahead of Time: Birthday Letters to Mayer Hillman


Ahead of Time celebrates the achievements of Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus at PSI, on his seventieth birthday. Mayer has a unique combination of qualities including great intellectual productivity and originality, tenacity in argument and in pursuing his chosen themes, and a willingness to speak truth to power.

The distinguished authors of these letters underline Mayer's achievements as researcher, writer and thorn in the side of the political establishment. They also seek to advance Mayer's ideas expressed in his remarkable range of publications about transport, health, energy, the environment and city and town planning.

The letters are both collegiate in tone and universal in relevance. They sound alarm bells about climate change and environmental degradation; and they bear witness to the fact that it has never been more important that Mayer Hillman's ideas should be taken seriously. Birthday letters from

  • John Adams
  • Nicholas Albery
  • Anne Ashe
  • Ian Christie
  • Adrian Davis
  • Paul Ekins
  • John Grimshaw
  • Aubrey Meyer
  • John Pinder
  • Stephen Plowden
  • Lynn Sloman
  • Juliet Solomon
  • John Whitelegg
  • David Wiggins
  • Michael Young

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ISBN: 0853747873