Children, Transport and the Quality of Life


This book studies the implications for public policy of PSI's seminal study One False Move: A Study of Children's Independent Mobility. It aims to set in motion a new debate on a subject crucial to our children's development into healthy and mature adults.The contributors include Maurice Milne, Kenneth Carlisle, Martin Rosenbaum, Susan Kegerreis, Neil Armstrong, John Adams, Jonathan Gershuny, Alexander Jan and Juliet Soloman. They address all the key issues surrounding the debate: children's rights to a safe and accessible environment for their independent travel; the impact of the restrictions on their social, emotional and physical development; the effects on parental lifestyles, particularly those of mothers in terms of their opportunities for employment; the contribution that child escorting makes to traffic congestion in the rush hour; the inappropriateness of road accidents as a measure of road safety; and many more.

The whole publication is available in a single scanned file: Children, Transport and the Quality of Life (pdf - 13.2MB)