Disability and Social Policy


There is growing debate within the disability movement: should social policy be concerned with enabling disabled people to fit more easily into the world as it is or should the world be altered to take account of disabled people's needs? The movement itself - organisations of, and for, disabled people - divides between reformers, who challenge the status quo by arguing for incremental policy improvements, and radicals, who sometimes advocate direct action in favour of fundamental policy change. These differences underline many of the critiques of current policies which have been produced and thus account for the variation in approach. The chapters in this book reflect some of these competing views.

Disability and social policy by Gillian Dalley
Disability and financial need: the failure of the social security system by Alan Walker and Lucy Wal
Income maintenance for people with disabilities by Brian McGinnis
Meeting the costs of disability by Richard Berthoud
Paying for the additional costs of disability by Peter Large
Social care services for disabled people by Hazel Qureshi
Speaking out: disabled people and state welfare by Mike Olivier
Support for informal carers: the role of social security by Sally Baldwin and Gillian Parker
Care of disabled people by Richard Wood
The carers' viewpoint by Jill Pitkeathley
Overcoming barriers to employment by Michael Floyd
Employment of people with disabilities by Ian Bruce

ISBN: 0853745358