Equality and Inequality in Northern Ireland: Public housing


In August 1985 the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights announced its decision to undertake a review of the coverage and effectiveness of existing laws and institutions in securing freedom from discrimination and furthering equality of opportunity in Northern Ireland. The Commission invited the Policy Studies Institute to carry out a group of studies to provide a background of information and analysis for its review. In response to the Commission's request, the Policy Studies Institute agreed to carry out four related studies. These were intended to supplement the considerable body of existing writings with up-to-date information and analysis.

This particular report is one of four that present the results of this programme of research on equality and inequality in Northern Ireland. It is a response to a request from the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights. The focus of interest of the Commission was on equal opportunities, and the focus of the report is therefore on comparing access and housing conditions between Protestant and Catholic families.

Conduct of the research
Housing conditions
Waiting time