Innovation and Industrial Strength : In the UK, West Germany, United States and Japan


To survive in a competitive world, manufacturing industry must invest both in new plant and in new technology. This study estimates the volume of investment of both kinds of five industries in Britain, West Germany, the United States and Japan.

The pattern of revenue and costs in five key industries, mechanical engineering, electronics, motor vehicles, chemicals and textiles, are compared and examined. From in-depth research spanning a period of 14 years, the authors chart the course of each country's strategy, and examine the advantages and disadvantages that competitive success brings to the countries that achieve it.

Overall, the authors find that a high level of investment in plant is no guarantee of success but, on the other hand, lack of sufficient investment in research and innovation is invariably a recipe for competitive failure.

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Cox, J., Kriegbaum, H. (1989) Innovation and Industrial Strength, Policy Studies Institute

ISBN: 0853744580