Keeping Women In: Strategies to facilitate the continuing employment of women in higher-level occupations


As levels of qualification and training among women continue to rise, attention has been directed increasingly at strategies which optimise the continuing employment of women at levels appropriate to their skills and expertise.

This book presents the proceedings of a research seminar, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust, held at the Policy Studies Institute in December 1988 at which the major issues surrounding the retention of women in higher level and professional employment were examined. Contributions include discussion of the employment of women professionals in banking, accounting, pharmacy and medicine; differences between women's employment experiences in Britain and France; the role of part-time employment in women's careers.

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Introduction by Susan McRae
Professional Women's Careers by Rosemary Crompton and Kay Sanderson
Women Doctors by Isobel Allen
Women's Working Experience in France and Britain by Shirley Dex and Patricia Walters
Part-time Work and Part-time Workers: Keeping Women In or Out by Peter Elias

McRae, S., (ed) (1990) Keeping Women In, Policy Studies Institute

ISBN: 0853744696