Profitable Partnerships: A Report on Business Investment in the Community


This book reports on the benefits that companies have gained from community investment initiatives in areas such as training, urban renewal, education links, secondment and support for enterprise. It highlights good practice and focuses especially on the most challenging environment for business links with the community - the inner cities. The report examines key aspects of corporate policy for effective community investment; identifies obstacles for the further development of business involvement in the community; and suggests measures for overcoming these difficulties.

City case studies - carried out in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester - point to the ways in which companies can form mutually beneficial links with community bodies and develop 'profitable partnerships' for community renewal with other firms, voluntary organisations and public agencies.

The book includes a comprehensive guide to the main private, voluntary and public sector organisations involved in the many different aspects of community investment.

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Executive Summary
1 Introduction
2 Getting involved: reasons for business investment in the community
3 Getting organised: good practice by businesses in the community
4 Overcoming obstacles to implementation of good practice
managers and policy makers
6 Introduction to the city case studies
7 Case study: Birmingham
8 Case study: Bristol
9 Case study: Manchester
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4

Carley, M., Christie, I., Fogarty, M., Legard, R. (1991) Profitable Partnerships: A Report on Business Investment in the Community, Policy Studies Institute

ISBN: 085374534X