Raising Voices: Social Services Departments and People with Disabilities


Many changes are under way in social services department provision of support and care, and the pace of change will accelerate over the next few years. A critically important question is whether the new arrangements can be designed and implemented in ways which draw directly on the experience and ideas of people with disabilities.

This book describes the steps already being taken so that disabled people can express judgements, preferences and decisions in a way which has an effect on what happens - whether this is in relation to their individual needs and circumstances, or to the planning and management of services. The study sets out organisational and attitudinal constraints which affect the nature and extent of change. It then goes on to show how the challenges are being faced and difficulties overcome, and the clear role of policies and of clear values and principles. The book ends by suggesting that much of the exciting progress made over recent years will be lost unless there is specific focus on greater voice for disabled people, as social services departments move away from direct provision, but gain new responsibilities for planning and contracting for care.

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1 Introduction
2 Influences and aims
3 Prospects and practicalities
4 Constraints on change
5 Challenges and opportunities
6 Summary and conclusions

Connelly, N. (1990) Raising Voices: Social Services Departments and People with Disabilities, Policy Studies Institute

ISBN: 0853744718