The Role and Responsibilities of the Police: The report of an independent inquiry established by the Police Foundation and the Policy Studies Institute


During 1992-1993 three government-initiated inquiries - the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice, the Sheehy Inquiry into Police Responsibilities and the Home Secretary's White Paper on Police Reform - examined various aspects of policing. In the second half of 1993 and within weeks of one another, the results of the three reviews were made public. Each recommended radical change in the structure and functioning of policing.

Prior to the announcement of the earliest review the Police Foundation and the Policy Studies Institute recognised that the reform of policing was emerging as a major public policy issue. It was anticipated that as the findings of the individual inquiries became known, debate would naturally ensue. Such a debate was welcomed by both organisations. As sensible change was the goal, it seemed vital that serious consideration be given to society's expectations of our police both in principle and practice. For this reason, the Police Foundation and the Policy Studies Institute convened a committee to examine independently the role and responsibilities of the police and raise the level of public understanding of the issues involved.

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The Committee
1 Introduction
2 The Difficulties Facing the Police
3 Improving the Safety of Communities
4 Enhancing Patrol
5 Involving the Private Security Industry
6 The Organisation of the Police Service
7 Police Performance and Accountability
Annex 1 Findings and Recommendations
Annex 2 Terms of Reference
Annex 3 Themes in Contemporary Policing
Annex 4 Individuals and Organisations that Submitted Evidence or Participated in Seminars

ISBN: 0947692401