Small Firms' Innovation: Why Regions Differ


Small firms are increasingly recognised as the engine of growth and employment. But the great diversity of small-scale manufacture covers extremes of innovativeness and of business conservatism. Moreover it is known that the contribution of small firms varies considerably between countries. Knowledge of what circumstances foster new products in small firms, and how those circumstances vary from place to place, could help to shape constructive policies for small enterprise and for regional development.

With these aims in mind, researchers at the Policy Studies Institute in Britain and Bielefeld in West Germany collaborated in a comparative study of small firms and their new product development.

This book, which incorporates survey and case-study material from both countries, strikingly reveals the extent of small firms' achievements and the external difficulties they face.

Research Report 690

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1 Introduction
2 Product Innovation
3 Process Innovation
4 Staffing and Organization of Product Innovation
5 Looking Outward to Innovate
6 The Regional Environment for Innovation
7 Summary and Interpretation
Notes and References

White, M., Braczyk, HJ., Ghobadian, A., Niebuhr, J. (1988) Small Firms’ Innovation: Why Regions Differ, Policy Studies Institute

ISBN: 0853744254