Time for Change


It is over 25 years since the UK discontinued the three-year experiment of setting clocks one hour ahead of GMT in the winter, thereby maintaining British Standard Time throughout the year.

In 1988 PSI published Making the Most of Daylight Hours, based on the findings of a study aimed at establishing the consequences of achieving a better match of waking hours and daylight hours by putting clocks one hour ahead of their current setting in both summer and winter. The conclusions - that the benefits would far outweigh the costs - were widely welcomed in the media. Subsequent public opinion polls have shown a 3 to 1 majority in favour of the reform.

This review updates and summarises the findings of Making the Most of Daylight Hours, and incorporates additional evidence previously unavailable. It explores all the key issues relating to the theme: accidents and security; leisure activity; health; work and industry; domestic tourism; overseas travel; trade and communication; fuel consumption; Scotland; and political issues.

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