Personal Mobility and Transport Policy


From the introduction:

This broadsheet investigates personal mobility from the points of view of the individual, the community, and policies affecting how people get about.

The first chapters look at basic mobility needs and the different methods of travel, and report a survey carried out to determine the travel patterns of adults, teenagers, and primary school children; the later chapters are concerned with current policy. The conclusions present ideas for future policy and research emerging from the preceding chapters.

The scope of the broadsheet is limited to personal mobility in daily life. Furthermore, it does not attempt to deal with the fundamental question of what encourages people to want to travel, or to comment on the commonly-held expectation of ever-rising mobility.

Hillman, M., Henderson, I., Whalley, A. (1973) Personal Mobility and Transport Policy, Policy Studies Institute, London

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ISBN: 978 0 85374 848 9 (pdf)