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Publications by title

Environmental Technology

Equality and Inequality in Northern Ireland: Public housing

Estimating Relative Needs Through a Comparison of Living Standards

Estimating sustainability gaps: methods and preliminary applications for the UK and the Netherlands

Ethnic Minorities and Higher Education: Why Are There Differential Rates of Entry?

Ethnic Minorities in Britain: Diversity and Disadvantage - Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic minorities in the inner city

Ethnic Minority Families

Ethnic Minority Perceptions and Experiences of Jobcentre Plus

Ethnicity and Employment in Higher Education

Ethnicity and Mental Health : Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities

Ethnicity and Poverty Programme Paper: The Role of Employer Attitudes and Behaviour

Ethnicity, Class and Health

The ETU Evaluation Synthesis Report

European Migrant Workers' Understanding and Experiences of Tax Credits

Evaluating Environmental Taxes: Recent Experiences and Proposals for the Future

Evaluating Training Programmes for the Long-Term Unemployed: An illustration of the matched comparison group methodology

Evaluation of Adult Basic Skills Pathfinder Activities: Stage 1 Surveys of Learners and Teachers

Evaluation of Adult Basic Skills Pathfinder Activities: An Overview

Evaluation of Basic Skills Mandatory Training Pilot: Synthesis Report

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