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Publications by title

Rents and Work Incentives

Representation of Hydrogen in the UK, US and Netherlands Markal Energy Sytem Model

Research insights into sustainable development

Research into Policy: Current Issues and Challenges for Sustainable Development

Researching the Information Needs of Disabled People

The Responsiveness of House Prices to Macroeconomic Forces

The Restart Effect: Evaluation of a labour market programme for unemployed people

Restructuring the Employment Relationship

Returns to Education: Evidence From UK Twins

A review of BIG funding for older people

Review of evidence on the use of reward and recognition schemes in enhancing recycling and waste prevention behaviours

Review of the DWP Cost Benefit Framework and how it has been applied

A review of the effective approaches to environmental labelling of food products

A Review of the Key Environmental and Quality of Life Issues facing Marginalised Communities in the UK

A Review of US and European Literature on the Microeconomic Effects of Labour Market Programmes for Young People

Rewarding responsibility? Long-term unemployed men and the welfare-to-work agenda

Rise of High Involvement Management in Britain

Risk and the Labour Market

Risk, young women and sexual decision-making

Risky Business: The Personal and Financial Costs of Small Business Failure

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