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Publications by title

Social Assistance: coverage and administration

Social barriers to the adoption of smart homes

Social Care and Health: a New Deal?

Social Cohesion in Diverse Communities

Social Research Evidence Review to Inform Natural Environment Policy: Reports and Annex

Social Services Departments as Managing Agencies

Soft-linking energy systems and GIS models to investigate spatial hydrogen infrastructure development in a low carbon UK energy system

The sound of silence: which employers choose no employee voice and why?

South Asian Women and Employment in Britain: The interaction of Gender and Ethnicity

Spatial development of hydrogen economy in a low-carbon UK energy system

Special issue: Social and political responses to ecological tax reform in Europe

Speed Control and Transport Policy

Starting a Home Care Service: Considering Costs

State-of-the-art review of sustainability policy assessment

Staying in work and moving up: evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) Demonstration

Steel and Aluminium in the UK: Material Flows and their Economic Dimensions. Final Project Report

A Stepping Stone to Employment?

Stimulating Provision by the Independent Sector: Considering Costs

Strengthening decision-making for sustainable development

Stress Among Ward Sisters and Charge Nurses

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