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Publications by title

Unions, Job Reductions and Job Security Guarantees: The Experience of British Employees

Unions, Within-Workplace Job Cuts and Job Security Guarantees

Urban Trends 2: A Decade in Britain's Deprived Urban Areas

Use of economic instruments in the German renewable electricity

The use of propensity score matching in the evaluation of active labour market policies

Victims or Villains?: Social Security Benefits in Unemployment

Voice at work: what do employers want? A symposium summary

Voice Recognition

Wage Formation and the Gender Wage Gap: Do Institutions Matter? Italy and Switzerland Compared

The Wage Impact of Trade Unions in the UK Public and Private Sectors

Water Debt and Disconnection

Ways in and out of low income in rural England

Wealth in Britain: A Lifecycle Perspective

Well-being and working life: towards an evidence-based policy agenda

What does community resilience look like in practice? How institutions see the role of communities in responding to heatwaves in the UK

What Effect Do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would "What Do Unions Do?" Be Surprised?

What Effect Do Unions Have on Wages Now and Would Freeman and Medoff Be Surprised?

What Happens to Lone Parents: A Cohort Study 1991-1995

What it costs to lose your job

What price a child? A historical review of the relative cost of dependants

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